I really, really enjoyed reading Wearing the Spider. It is one of those novels that one finds impossible to put down. If I could have given it a higher score than five stars, I would have. The author Susan Schaab has a writing talent that totally and immediately draws you into her story. In the story she explains the phrase, Wearing the Spider.” It refers to the lead person who clears the trail while hiking in Africa. This person walks first through the webs and when doing so, sometimes ends up wearing the spiders.

This story involves office politics and corruption. Evie is vying for a partnership in the firm that she works for. She has always put her work first. A partner, whose advances she had rebuffed seems to be setting her up. When the partners approach her with complaints about her work, she realizes that someone has been messing around in her files. She suspects Alan. When she discovers that she is supposedly working on a foreign project of which she actually knows nothing about, she knows she has to investigate it further. A romantic interest helps her out with finding out what is going on. She gets mysterious calls from strangers, her apartment is broken into, she discovers emails that were sent from her account that she did not write, and she finds that she is being followed. She realizes that her life is in danger.

Evie has to pull out all stops to save her reputation and her life. She also has to learn something about trusting others. Needing her boyfriend to help her, she lets her guard down with him. This is not something that comes easily. She also learns that she can’t continue to trust the people that she
has in the past, like the senior partners in the firm. She does not know how deep their involvement

Wearing the Spider is a great suspenseful thriller. There is nothing slow or boring happening in this story. It will keep you on edge until you find out the truth of what is going on. Fiction fans will totally enjoy this book. I recommend giving it as a gift. It is a new story and guaranteed to be enjoyed.

-Review by Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

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