Author and attorney Susan Schaab introduces us to Evie Sullivan, an overworked young associate who is in line for a partnership with a large law firm that specializes in intellectual property rights. The use of telephone calls and emails as a device to set the stage and tell the story is a little boring and confusing in the first chapter. But hang in there and you will become immersed in a deadly thriller that nearly destroys Evie’s reputation and almost ends her life.

When she thwarted the advances of a senior partner, who tried to push his way into her hotel room, she made an enemy. Eventually he would isolate and terrorize her with his ability to use her identity and to set her up as an unknowing victim at the mercy of foreign businessmen, who are in league with a U.S. senator that her firm represents.

Unfortunately Evie promised not to report Alan’s sexual harassment because he swore that it would not happen again. Although the firm is aware of his many abusive escapades with other women, Evie is reluctant to disclose the details of his advances now that it appears he is setting her up. Will the partners think that she is just using this as an excuse for what seems to be poor work product and bad client interaction on her part?

Fortunately Evie allows herself to trust Joe, an adventurous software developer whose expertise with technology helps her to unravel the plot. Of course this friendship blossoms into an exciting romance that takes them from coast to coast into a glamorous world of beautiful beaches and high-class evenings. Joe turns out be a true gentleman who puts up with Evie’s insistence on separate rooms. The book is remarkable in that there are no blatant sex scenes—just tender romance. The characters are memorable and the vicarious technological insights are very interesting.

Galavant Press, LLC appears to be inextricably linked with Susan Schaab. Kudos to her if she has set up her own independent publishing company. The editing is flawless and the cover has already won an award.

-Review by Jill Stovall, Armchair Interviews

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