For the fan of legal thrillers this will prove a good read and something different in the way of the genre. A refreshing change.

Evie Sullivan is working hard to please her bosses and become a partner in the law firm where she is employed. So why does it suddenly seem she is being undermined at work?
A combination of subplots involving different clients of the firm and different partners keep you reading to find out just what is going on. She seems to be unable to please anyone yet they keep piling the work on. Don't jump to conclusions. There are a few surprises for the reader as the story progresses.

Talented author Susan Schaab skillfully weaves several subplots involving the motives of the well-drawn characters into a cohesive story that offers an intriguing read. This story offers a good look into the operation of a legal firm that only handles wealthy, powerful clients and will do whatever is necessary to achieve their ends.

Altogether a fun read. I'm pleased to recommend this tale to any reader looking for something different. You'll be looking for other books by this fine author. Enjoy. I did.

-Review by Anne K. Edwards,

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